Evidence of Learning

During our Dino project, which is based on the online learning environment DinO-Learning, the students create not only a kind of portfolio by collecting their download and complete research reports offline in folders,  they also produce a dinosaur film together with the e-learning tutor and create their own E-Portfolio.

From the online learning environment DinO-Learning the students

  • get their information and research tasks,
  • download their research reports and
  • have access to the Primo-Saurus.
The working and learning process of the students including their finished products will be documented in the external E-Portfolio, the Primo-Saurus, which will also be a part of the learners outcomes. (Link to the E-Portfolio: Primo-Saurus from the last year).

Dino-Workshop, Dino-Drawings, Dino-World Cookbook, Dino-Reports
But the students also work on dinosaurs made of cardboard, create dinosaur drawings, design a dinosaur cookbook (Link to Dino World Cookbook from the last year) and write reports about their experiences with the dinosaur project (Link to Dino-Reports from the last year) and in the end add all of their outcomes into the Primo-Saurus.

Dino Film Project
The development of the dinosaur film from idea to final product will also be documented in the Primo-Saurus. (Link to the film project Digitales Dino-Kino - the idea and to the final film Dino Film from the last year).