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Hallo and Welcome, dear students, to DinO-Learning!

Dinosauier-ForscherInnen unterwegs!

No one has ever seen a living dinosaur, but almost every child knows something about these prehistoric creatures.

  • But who were these incredible creatures?
  • When exactly did they inhabit our planet?
  • How many different dinosaurs were there, anyway?
  • And why do we know so much about them?
As active researchers you can find out for yourself. Play the role of a dinosaur scientist or researcher and go on an adventurous search long before our time.

Using Primo-Saurus you can show your dinosaur researchers friends what you have already experienced as a budding dinosaur experts!

At the beginning you will receive detailed information and instructions for using the interactive online learning environment DinO-Learning.

In the course you will be supported by your teachers and parents who work as research assistants, so you can successfully cope with the extensive daily routine of a researcher.