The Extinction Of The Dinosaurs

Abotu 65 million years ago dinosaurs vanished from earth but noone is sure why. But there are of course some specaluations, how it came to the distinction of the dinosaurs.

Was it a meteor?
Some people believe, that a big stone from outerspace, a so called meteor, hit Earth and led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Because of this impact there was so much dust in the air, that the sun was obscured and the plants could not grow any more, and so the dinosaurs did not have any food.

Ein Meteorit?

A change in climate?
some scientists think, that the change in climate caused the distinction of the dinosaurs. Strong volcanic activities caused gigantic smoke clouds, that darkened the sun. The climate got cooler and many plants, the herbivorous dinosaurs were dependent on, vanished from Earth. So the dinosaurs did not have enough food and died. Because of this the life circumstances of the carnivorous dinosaurs also got worse because the herbivorous dinosaurs were their prey.

Eine Klimaver├Ąnderung?