Plants At The Time Of The Dinosaurs

Triassic period - plants growing in the hot and dry climate
On the country it was hot and dry, so there were many dessert-like areas. In the fertile river valleys and on the coasts of the sea mainly horsetails and conifers thrive. Later there are also plants that can store water, so called succulents. Ferns and ginkgo plants spread out and in the seas the first algae formed.

Landschaft zur Triaszeit

Jurassic period - plants in changing seasons
With the breaking up of the gigantic land masses the climate started to change. It became humid and the change of the seasons became more and more noticeable. In the country there grew box stalk plants, ferns, treeferns, palm ferns, a variety of ginkgo plants and conifers like the cypresses. In the seas there were above all brown algae.

Landschaft zur Jurazeit

Cretaeceous period - plants in the cooler climate
The climate was stronger influenced by the four seasons. In the country it rained more and more and also the air became considerably chiller. There were still conifers, ferns and box stalks, but at the beginning of the Cretaeceous period palms and grass developed and at the end of the Cretaeceous period the first trees appeared that looked similar to our todays beeches and oaks.

Landschaft zur Kreidezeit